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Help! My Blog Is Not Making Money - What Do I Do?


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2011/03/07 08:57 AM RssIcon

So many blogger are crying out. Help, my blog is not making any money. I expected to make money, not to become rich, but enough to live on. But after months, perhaps years, my blog is still not making enough to live on.

So many bloggers were lured into blogging by the false dream that they could make tons of money from their blog.

But the reality of it is that one makes very little money from ones blog.

I’ve done everything right

As you and I look at our blogs we conclude that we have done everything right. We have taken all the tips to heart and applied them diligently.

  • I’ve got quality content
  • I’m passionate about my blog
  • I’m building my community
  • I care about my readers
  • My traffic is increasing
  • I’m promoting vigorously on social media
  • I write consistently
  • I apply all the SEO rules consistently

So may people have, or seem to have done everything right, but still their blog is not making the money they expect.

Reality Check – Your blog will not make money

I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging will not make you money. Seriously, even though you have the content and the following. Traffic is a big deal when trying to make money. But you might even have the traffic.

Think of it this way, opening a shop in a mall is not a guarantee that you will make any money from it. You might even make a loss.

There are so many factors involved. Have you got the right type of shop. Is it what people will buy. Do you have the right placement of your shop. Is your stock of good quality. How have you promoted your shop?

The list goes on and on. It is the same with blogging. 99.9% of bloggers will never make money directly from their blogging

Even some of the top bloggers on the internet do not make money, or the bulk of their money directly from their blogs

These guys make the bulk of their money from other means. Their blog is just a tool in their business. They make the bulk of their money from selling products.

Whether that be e-Books, speaking engagements, subscriptions, ads, what ever. The point is that only a small amount of money comes directly from their blog. The bulk is from other means.

You have to create something that will sell. You have to create something that people will want and need.

The difference between making money and blogging

Yes there is a difference and it is significant. Many people fail to see this. Blogging and making money are worlds apart.

What are the good things about blogging

  1. Good for creating credibility
  2. Good for creating new partnerships
  3. Good for creating contacts
  4. Brilliant for creating relationships
  5. Good for attracting potential customers
  6. Good as a marketing tool
  7. Brilliant at building a reputation

But when it comes to making money, simply having a blog is not enough. You have to now build upon that blog. Use your reputation and credibility. Use your readership to market too. Rely on your contacts and get your community involved in the process.

You have to now build a profitable business around your blog.  Use your blog as a platform to greater things.


So blogging and making money are two vastly different things. Although blogging is definitely as useful tool in the toolbox. But when that tool is not used correctly, then the job will not be done.

Do you think I’ve got it all wrong, or have I hit the nail on the head?

How much money do you make from your blog? Do you actually care?

Do you have any other ideas about making money blogging? Please share them with me. I really, really would like to know your formula for success.

Let me know in the comments below.




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