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Debugging and monitoring web application part II2008-11-02
Category: Web Development with Csharp
How do you debug a deployed web application on a live server?These debugging tools are great when you’re developing an application. But what if you have already deployed an application and you’re finding that some of your users are having problems.
Accessing dbf Data via MSSQL through a Linked Server2008-10-05
Category: SQL
A linked server configuration enables SQL Server to execute commands against OLE DB data sources on remote servers.
Accessing dBASE data through MSSQL2008-10-04
Category: SQL
How then do you access your data in dbf format from MSSQL, having the ability to join that table to your current data? How can one import dbf data?
Debugging and monitoring web applications Part I.2008-09-14
Category: Web Development with Csharp
With Visual Studio 2008, Visual Web Developer 2008 express edition, it becomes super easy to debug and monitor web applications. In fact the Web Developer debugger works identically to typical window forms debugger
Application State2008-07-20
Category: Web Development with Csharp
In this lesson we will be looking at application state, and what .NET does to manage web application state for you.
Events and Postback2008-06-21
Category: Web Development with Csharp
In this lesson we are going to look at how to handle events and set properties in code on the server. It is much the same as in many other languages, with the difference of mindset. Normally theses settings take place on the client, in a windows application. But because the web is a disconnected application, the mindset has to change slightly when dealing with web apps. But if you understand events and properties in other languages, this will be no different.
Creating a web forms user interface with C#2008-06-18
Category: Web Development with Csharp
We’re back. Well hopefully you’ve enjoyed the two previous lessons and you’re looking for more. Your interest has been sparked and you’re keen to get going and move on to more complicated stuff. As each lesson goes, we will be building on the previous. Yes we have to crawl first before we can run.
Web Apps with C# - Hello world II – Continued2008-06-14
Category: Web Development with Csharp
Ok so we successfully created a web app. But what’s happening under the hood. You know the web server should only serve html pages, because that’s what web browsers understand. How is it that we can harness the power of the C# language, yet produce HTML pages?
Web Apps with C# and Visual Web Developer - Hello World I2008-06-14
Category: Web Development with Csharp
We will create a web site or web application that will show you the work flow (steps, process, etc) of a typical web application. Ok so it will not be the most famous application ever created in the world. Care to take a guess. “Hello World”. Whoever did that should have patented it, they would have made millions. It may be simple but there are some basic and foundational things to learn that will put you in good stead as we carry on in these tutorials.
Introduction to Web Apps with C#3.0 and Visual studio 20082008-06-14
What we are going to do is get ourselves familiar with developing web apps with visual webdev, (visual studio 2008) using .net 3.5, linq and other cool tools such as ajax and silverlight that Microsoft have brought out. You will soon see, that although web development requires a bit of a mind shift from forms, you can do a lot of thing through the web.
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