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<h1>Corner Page Peel-away Ads</h1>

Corner Page Peel-away Ads


Corner Peel Away Advertising will grab and hold your visitors attention while presenting an appealing way to entice them to read your advert.

This new advertising technology, Page Peel Advertising, will place you on the leading edge of internet marketing. The unique peeling presentation will capture your visitor's attention and thrill them.

Peel Away Ads are the perfect way to get that extra attention without customer complaints.

Enquire now to see how you can add advertising to your website that will not annoy your visitors.

Place a Page Peel Ad in the corner of your site today.


<h1>Page Peel Ads</h1>

Page Peel Ads


What is a Page Peel Ad?

A Page Peel Ad is a new technology that provides a different and innovative method to advertising. A page peel appears on the top right hand side of a web site and when the mouse moves over it the page peels open smoothly to reveal the advert within.

Why use a Page Peel Ad?

This unique method of advertising has it's advantages:

  • Make use of the corner of a web site which is commonly not used.
  • It is non intrusive to the web site visitor.
  • Only uses a small amount of space when folded away making efficient use of web site real estate.
  • It is a new ad format arousing user interest resulting in more clicks.

Let's Face It: Customers are sick to death of Pop-Ups, Fly-Ins, and Pop-Unders. Advertising is supposed to attract more sales - not scare them away.  Page Peel is a fantastic marketing tool and a nice alternative to pop-ups.

You can now attract your visitors with new type of ads which are called the Peel Away | Page peel ads. These ads show in the top right corner of your screen. When the mouse hovers over the page curl, the page corner peels away to reveal the nice attractive add contained within.

The page initialy has a page curl, or Dog-ear effect.

 Page Peel Advertising


Then when the mouse is hovered over the page curl. The page peels away, revealing the add contained within,

Page Peel Ads

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