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How can I help a fellow blogger?


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2010/03/16 07:50 AM RssIcon

One gets a certain thrill out of helping someone and seeing the beaming glow of appreciation on their face. I believe as a blogger one has to stretch forth the helping hand and help other bloggers as much as one can.

I regularly try to help other bloggers by various different means. One of them is just this, A Blog Paragraph Collaboration Challenge.

A Blog  Paragraph Collaboration Challenge is where different bloggers get a chance to write a paragraph on a chosen topic. All the paragraphs for the week get put together in a post with a back link to the bloggers site.

This week I chose the topic: How can I help a fellow blogger? Here is what some of our readers and bloggers have to say.


Website: Ms Ileane Speaks


My blogging goal for 2010 is helping bloggers. That help can come in many forms and here’s a few of my quick tips for getting the job done based on what I’ve done so far this year.

  • Create tutorials or how-to blog posts
  • Research a question that another blogger is looking for answers to
  • Offer to edit someone’s post for spelling and grammar
  • Send out a tweet that says – Anybody got any good posts for me to Digg or StumbleUpon?
  • Join a blogging chat or Ustream
  • Subscribe to a blogger’s YouTube channel
  • Join blogging communities like Blog Engage, MMOSocialNetwork, BloggerLuv and MyBlogGuest
  • Make your blog DoFollow
  • Schedule a RT of someone else’s post for a change
  • Leave a valuable and honest comment
  • Leave links to other’s blog posts on forums
  • Host a guest blogger
  • Be a guest blogger
  • Be supportive and give encouragement
  • Come right out and ask someone what they need help with

Befriend the blogger that might least expect you to do so. They will appreciate it once they find out you don’t have a hidden agenda and that you’re just being nice.



Website: iGeek


You can help your fellow blogger by giving them advice on using their blogging software, also writing articles to promote their blog is a good way to get the word out there about them. Link exchanges are also a good way to help your fellow blogger, by exchanging links you are not only helping your fellow blogger but he or she is also helping you.



Website: 6Aliens


I can help a fellow blogger by sharing their amazing content with as many people as I can. I can comment on their posts and give great responses to their work. If there's a way that I can help or offer assistance for their blog in general then I'll drop them a friendly email to see if I can help.

We need to realise that we can all help each other to greatness. A tweet here and a comment there can make such a huge difference.

How would you help a fellow blogger? 

You’ve heard it from our friends, now it’s over to you. How would you help a fellow blogger? Your chance to put your thoughts to paper. Leave them in the comments below.

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