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The Recipe for the Perfect Blog Post


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2010/04/13 07:43 AM RssIcon

This certainly has been the most fun Blog Paragraph Collaboration Challenge yet. I set the topic of, well it’s in the title, “Recipe for the perfect blog post”. What a response. The guys and gals really came to the party with some fantastic innovative paragraphs, as well as paragraphs that carry valuable points and lessons.

Yes, I know some were a little more than a paragraph, but I let that slide, just this time, because they were so brilliant, creative and informative. Don’t you think?

Take a look below, and let me know what you think.


Kevin Tea

Website: Web2 and More


First weigh in with a healthy base of good content, mix with a delicate dusting of education, comment and humour, pour into a well designed blog template and then publicise. Depending on topic you can adjust the ingredients accordingly but always cook your blog for other people, not yourself. To ensure good content make sure it's not half baked.


Ross Saunders

Website: nomnomnom


Our blog posts are relatively structured albeit informal and tend to follow a storyline throughout. We figured that this would allow more of a casual feel for interaction with our audience, as the last thing we wanted was to sound like another boring point-form list of what was liked and what was terrible. Sometimes it helps to get personal with your audience, involve them as though you were talking to them directly.

We try our best not to sound like any of the other review sites out there, and pride ourselves in the fact that so far we don't! So, as far as our perfect recipe goes, I think it would be something like this;

"Blogpost à la Nom"
1 tsp good introduction
1-2 tsp scene setting, season to taste
1 large write-up, diced
1 wrap-up
dash of good recommendation

Firstly, fold the good introduction, scene setting and write-up together. Don't mix it up too much though, you may cause it to become too thick and flop! Once folded, let it stand for a while, maybe take the time to go over your recipe again and make sure you haven't missed something.

When it has settled and you are satisfied with the look of it, place the mixture on top of a good wrap-up and garnish with a dash of good recommendation. Now (and this is important!) look over it again, everyone knows that half the meal is in the presentation so make sure you are satisfied!

Finally, once you are happy with what you have prepared, simply pop it on a plate, serve it to your guests with a smile, and pat yourself on the back while you watch them gobble it up!


Jimi Jones



I have seen many great blog posts and have been fortunate to have written quite a few really popular ones, but the perfect blog post has escaped me thus far. To accomplish this I would need the following ingredients;

  • A topic that both captures the attention and solves the problem of thousands of others, leading to the post going viral.
  • An associated product that others would be anxious to get their hands on because of it’s revolutionary approach.
  • The solution to the problem is timeless, thereby providing a long-term benefit to the online business community for many years into the future.


Patty Reiser

Website: PK Photography


Project 365: Day 86

Every good recipe has one main ingredient that is complimented by the other ingredients.  Once you mix all these ingredients together, you will create the perfect mouth watering dish that leaves your guests wanting more.


  • 1 whole serving of You
  • 3-4 paragraphs of topic
  • 2 tablespoons of an attention getting title
  • 1 twinge of heart
  • 2 smidges of your Call to Action


Place the whole serving of “You” in front of your computer.  Let “You” simmer for about 20 minutes while you research a topic for your blog.  Research helps make sure you have all the facts you need for your blog post.  Once you have all the facts for your topic, open up your preferred blog writing application and begin pounding your topic on the keyboard until you have approximately 3 paragraphs.  Add a twinge of heart to insure you are connecting to your blog readers.  Next, you will sprinkle 2 smidges of your Call to Action in your final paragraph.   Once all these ingredients are well mixed, proof read your blog for spelling and grammar errors and then top off your blog post with 2 tablespoons of an attention getting title.  Your blog post is now ready for publishing for your blog readers enjoyment.  This recipe can also be made ahead of time and thawed out for those occasions when you have unexpected writer’s block.

The main ingredient for every blog post is You.  I guarantee that if you just be you in each and every blog post you write, you will leave your blog readers with a hunger for more.  And they will keep coming back to see what you will be serving next.  Bon Appetit!


MK Akan



My recipe for a perfect post are questions I ask myself before I publish or read a post.

  • Will it be valuable  to me or others?will it teach me something new?
  • Is it common knowledge or boring information?
  • Is it straight to the point,readable and easy to understand?
  • Does it gets me or others thinking ?
  • Is it formatted right?
  • Will it challenge old knowledge, what I know already or is it counter intuitive?

If I can answer yes to these questions ,I then know I have a perfect post coming.
But by the way,there are no 100% perfect posts so I try to make sure my posts are as helpful to as many people as possible .


Gerhard Potgieter

Website : iGeek


The recipe for a perfect blog post starts with a catchy heading, something not too long that will grab the attention or make the reader wonder what lies ahead. Once you’ve got your killer heading stick to the topic, keep your post relevant to your target audience. A blog is supposed to be based on personal opinion, don't just copy and paste current affairs from other blogs, add your own touch to current topics or add to other blog posts by pointing out what they missed. Images are also a good attention grabber, keep your image relevant to your topic and try and end each of your posts with a question to your reader. Asking a question motivates the reader to engage with your blog by leaving a comment.

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