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T = mc<sup>2</sup> &ndash; The quintessential formula to blog traffic.


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2010/04/01 07:48 AM RssIcon

tmc2 You did not read the title incorrectly, and I did not write it incorrectly. Yes I know the formula you refer to. It is Einstein's theoretical formula on total energy, E=mc2

This is a powerful formula which states that 1 gram of matter has an enormous amount of energy. Increase the mass and you are in for a huge energy boost.

So one gram of mass is equivalent to the following amounts of energy:

  • 89.9 terajoules
  • 25.0 million kilowatt-hours (≈25 GW·h)
  • 21.5 billion kilocalories (≈21 Tcal)
  • 21.5 kilotons of TNT-equivalent energy (≈21 kt)
  • 85.2 billion BTUs (Wikipedia)

Now increase the mass by 1 gram and you double your energy. Now imagine if you could translate this to your blog.

T=mc2 or Traffic equal to Marketing multiplied by Content squared.


Marketing your blog is essential to your traffic. If no one knows about it they will not come. The more people know about it the more traffic you will have. Simple stuff really.

Now there are many ways to market your blog. You can market it in print media, on social media, online off line. Word of mouth etc. The point is the more you market and the more diverse marketing strategies you use the better chance you have to increase your blog traffic.

Under marketing I would include the following:

  • Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed,, Blogengage, etc
  • Directories
  • Forums
  • Video
  • Radio
  • Print media such as newspapers and magazines
  • Press releases
  • Competitions
  • Social Book Marking, digg, delicious, stumbleupon, etc
  • Aggregators
  • Comments on other blogs
  • Guest posts
  • Word of mouth


The reason why content is so important is that great content can effectively increase your traffic efforts exponentially. But bad content will by the same token bring about a death to your blog faster than the speed of light.

Content is king, and it really comes in two forms. Quality and Quantity


Nothing hinders traffic faster than bad content. Make sure your content is of the best standard.

Write content that appeals to your audience, fulfils their needs, answers their questions. Causes them to think or re-think their ideas. Even content that stirs the emotions. Your content must be moving and enlightening.

Quality attracts natural back links and good quality attracts repeated users to your website. Good quality improves your credibility and standing amongst readers and other bloggers.

No substitute for good quality.


Quantity can be relevant. How long is a piece of string? My thought here is that you need to have a good number of posts that cover a larger spectrum of your niche. More quality posts attract more readers. More readers equals more traffic.

How many posts you should have and how often to post is a debate that has gone on in the blogosphere for a while now. But the fact remains that the more posts you have the more chance you have of getting organic traffic to your site. The better your chances of attracting readers.

The key here is the freshness of your posts. Nobody cares for a stale blog, where the last article is weeks, perhaps months or even years old. Make sure that your posts are regular and frequent.

You cant expect to get away with loads of traffic if you only have a few posts. Think of our formula. T=mc2 it stands to reason that the more quality posts you have the more traffic you will get.

Multiply that

Now take that quality content and produce as much of it as you can. Then improve your efforts by a factor of 2. In other words, double your quantity, increase your quality. Multiply the quality and quantity by itself and then you will get the idea of the type of content you need to produce in order to exponentially improve your traffic.


This I believe is the quintessential formula to increasing your traffic. I challenge you to try it out and see how you can improve your traffic. Never mind how it will also make you and your blog better.

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