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There is no such thing as a quick fix.


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2009/12/17 09:08 AM RssIcon

Oh! the pain of my life. Well at least one of life’s little irritations, it is all the quick fix schemes. Get rich fast by doing nothing. Get loads of Twitter followers. Make tons of money online. Win the lottery,etc etc. You know exactly what I mean.

When it comes to the internet, blogging and your website, it amazes me that so many people want a quick fix solution without the effort, patience and hard work.

Browsing the web I came across a fantastic and funny article relating to quick fixes for your blog. It is entitled The Silver Bullet for Blogging Success.

I laughed so much, and enjoyed it so much that I am going to list those here, add to them, as well as add a few of my own.

A lot of these might seem offensive, but then if they offend you then you’re probably guilty of a few of them.

The Quick way For Back Links

You utter moron…

There is no quick way. It takes a lot of work. It takes a long time.

How to get Thousands of Readers in a Day

You unbelievable jack-ass…

There is no way in hell to get thousands of readers to your blog in a Day. This takes time, loads of time and energy. Be prepared to sweat for many years.

The Secret Way to Blogging Success

Great to know that you are also looking for a quick answer for general blogging success. Of course there is a big secret, that all the big bloggers are holding back from you, right?

You Donkey…

How to make easy money online

You bumbling fool.

There is no such thing. They are all, well most of them, scams involving you doing much hard work, and the profits or success going to someone else. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I promise you number 1 on Google.


Yeah right for the obscure keyword of “sinking acorns in a sea of custard”. You will get number 1 all the time. Promising something that is out of your control is irresponsible. Don’t believe so called SEO professionals when they say this. Getting to number 1 on Google takes hard work and lots of time. Even then you might still not make it.

The more ads the more money

Are you an idiot, can you do maths

Adding more ads to your blog without the traffic will probably scare more people away than you can count. The secret to monetising your blog is to build up traffic. This takes time and a huge amount of effort. You are better off having less ads and more traffic.

You can make lots of money by just blogging 1 hour a day.

Are you high on acid or something?

Blogging is not, I repeat not the way to wealth and riches. The amount of bloggers making a living  and a comfortable living out of blogging as a profession is small compares to the amount of blogs and bloggers out on the internet. Anyway, don’t be fooled to think that these guys started blogging and then got rich. Most of them had been blogging for many years before.

Copy and paste as many articles as you can find to your blog.

Are you insane?

Have you ever heard of copyright. Do you want the police knocking at your door. Well not quite, but thinking that copying content from another site will improve yours without adding value is ridiculous. Blogs and readers thrive on original relevant quality content. If you have no quality content. Stop blogging, you’re just wasting space.

Blog and they will come.

Hail Caesar you gullible fool!

This might have worked in Roman days. But the internet is far larger and more sophisticated. Just because you have a blog does not mean people will stream to it. How do they even know it is there. You need to spend time promoting your blog. Use Social Networks and blog directories and blog aggregators like Twitter, Blogengage, Facebook, Linkedin

Your thoughts.

Think you can come up with some more outrages, unbelievable questions and scams regarding blogging and quick fixes. Some of the questions that people ask or perhaps some statements that some make. Leave your suggestion in the comments below.

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