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Is it an iPhone, an iPod, an iMac. No it’s an iPad.


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2010/01/28 10:42 AM RssIcon

Apple is full on innovation and at the forefront of releasing cool new technology. Though I do not personally own any Apple hardware, I do see that they can be very cool to have. My son in fact got the new iPod classic 160gig for Christmas. A truly fantastic gadget.

Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad on January 27, 2010 in San Francisco. The highly anticipated Internet Tablet called iPad. Something that is tipped to be better than a smart phone and simpler than a notebook.

Looks to be something of a smart e-Book reader and mini notebook with some iPhone capability

“It’s so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smart phone,”  said Steve Jobs

But listen, this has an impact on you as a blogger. Why? Because there seems to be a great surge towards electronic media and eBooks. Which means that as a blogger we seriously need to have eBooks as an integral part of our blogging.


  • 10” (24.6 cm) multi-touch colour display.
  • Costs $499 for 16 gigabytes of storage, $599 for 32 GB, $699 for 64 GB.
    3G wireless capability costs an extra $130.
  • Data plan is an extra cost.
  • Reportedly 10 hours of battery life. With that big screen I doubt it.
  • 1.3 cm thick, weighs 0.68 kg.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Accelerometer and Compass
  • Ability to view in portrait and landscape modes.
  • Runs a variation of the iPhone operating system.
  • Supports iWork. A productivity suite from Apple similar to Microsoft Office.
  • 1 GHz Apple-made A4 chip.
  • DDR2 2 GB @ 667 MHz memory.
  • WiFi models ship in late March, 3G shipping in April.


What’s missing?

There are a few things that are missing from this release. Perhaps they will be in future releases.  A marketing ploy perhaps, to get you to upgrade and spend more money.

Notably are:

  • Camera(s) for iChat, pictures, video.
  • WiFi-based Sync
  • Ability to handle voice calls. It sucks to also have to carry your iPhone to make calls.
  • No USB port. A separate USB adapter needs to be purchased.
  • No SD slot
  • No support for Flash.

But what’s in that name?

Obviously Apple have no women working on the iPad. At least in the naming and marketing division. I mean really. I mean, who wants to be walking around with a digital “Pad”. I know they have digital cigarettes, but pads?

They could have come up with something a little more attractive.


It certainly looks like a cool gadget. But I can’t help to think that it is a glorified, e-Book reader. At least my suspicion is, that’s what most people will be using it for.

No doubt this century will be the age of the e-Book. As a blogger we need to take note. No time like the present to start getting those e-Books out. With so many e-Book readers on the market, more and more people are using that as their reading media of choice. It is a must for bloggers to seriously consider the road of the eBook.

What are your thoughts? Will you be looking to buy one? Are eBooks part of your blogging experience? Do you consider eBooks as the way of the future?

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