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What Type of Blogs Are You Reading?


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2010/05/24 12:19 PM RssIcon

What makes you read and follow a blog? Why read individual posts? There are thousands, no millions of blogs out there, why do you choose a particular one? Also, do you have any good advice for us fellow bloggers on some good blogs to follow?

Blogs have shifted in the life of the internet. From unverified dribble by some single cell geek amoeba to a must read post by the niche guru. Blogs have become an important part of the internet and indeed our daily online life.

Many would get the sweats and the shakes if they have not either written a blog post or at least read one or two of their favourite bloggers.

Break out of your niche

A lot of advice given by famous bloggers on blogging is to read as many blogs as you can, especially those that are involved in the same niche as your own blog. But, is that wise? Do we want to constrain ourselves to one particular topic.

I advocate spreading your wings a bit. Break out of your niche and read some other types of blogs. You would be amazed how beneficial that would be.

Types of Blogs

Take me for instance. My blog is technical in nature. It is about blogging and programming, with web design and development thrown in for good measure, toped up with some social media for taste.

One would expect me to only read blogs that conform to those topics. If that’s what you’d expect, then you’d be wrong. In order to have a well rounded blog, you need to read from other sources that might have an impact on you and your blog.

Taking the type of blog I have in mind, here is what I read and how it impacts on my blog.


Obviously I would read blogs on blogging. This is where I get a lot of inspiration from. If you are blogging, no matter what niche, then you need to find some good blogs on blogging.


Once again a given. I need to be taught, I need to learn, I need new information. How can a programming blog help you. Well every blog is run by a program. It is always helpful if you and I understand the basics of how our blog operates.

It makes communicating with support so much easier and more productive.  It also help to weed out those who would potential pull the proverbial wool over your eyes.

You don’t have to learn everything, but just enough to understand the buzz words, the technology. Enough to know what someone else is talking about.

Web design

Understand how your blog works is great, but understanding how web pages are constructed, how and what is HTML can give you that extra bit of understanding as to how and why your page looks the way it does.

What is a tag, why should I use bold, how do I put an image onto a page? What is an image? Why won’t my image display, what is a URL, what is the relative pathing?

These are all questions you might have asked before. I know that a lot of the blogging software out today, the likes of Wordpress, hide this all from the novice. But having that extra knowledge, even though you might not use it, will give you such a better understanding of your blog design, its look and feel and how to make the most out of its presentation.


What is a blog without pictures? Every blog needs to have some images every now and then. Most often one would go to some free image website and use the public domain images available.

But if you have a camera, it would be great to put your own pictures up on the net. Reading blogs on photography will help you take a better picture to post on your blog. Making your post that more special and professional.

No one likes to see a yukky, blurry, unrelated, overexposed, underexposed, horrible picture.

Even if you do not have a camera, reading a photography blog will give you the knowledge to choose that perfect picture for each blog post.

Graphic design

We might not all be graphic designers but our blogs need graphic designers to make them look professional. Reading a graphic design blog often times give me inspiration to what I want to see on my blog.

It gives me ideas as to what can be achieved. What the look and feel should be. What works and what does not. How to correctly combine colours and other graphic components to the end that my blog is the best that it can be.

It also inspires me to be creative, bringing out that Picasso in me that I never knew I had.

My blog changes as I read and understand more. Reading graphic design blogs also gives me a better appreciation of expertise a graphic designer needs.

While I might not make a living out of it, I can wisely choose between a good and bad design.


Reading lifestyle blogs gives me a better understanding of who my readers are and what type of things they are gong through. The challenges they face, the obstacle they overcome.

But more than that, it challenges me to be better, to strive harder. To be all that I can be as a blogger.


Laughter is the best medicine. Feeling down, read something that will make you laugh. It is also good food for thought as well as the roots for good material in your posts.

Reading humour blogs brings out the old funny man in me. Ok I know how that sounds, but you know what I mean. I like to post something funny now and again on my blog. Humour that relates to my blog topic.

Not every post has to be serious and straight down the middle. Often times a great point can be made as well as bring a smile to ones face by using humour.

News and current events

To keep up with current affairs, new technologies, news and information, I like to follow a few news related blogs.

This gives me great ideas to posts. It also keeps me abreast of the latest happenings. I use all this in my blog posts when needed.

Can you imagine me posting an article on the best ways to make your new Windows 98 PC work better? I’d rather post some tutorials on the new technologies in the new Visual Studio 2010.

If I’m kept up to date with what’s happening then my blog is up to date and so are my readers.


There are a lot of other types of blog posts that I read. But this post is already bordering on the insanely long.

Having a well rounded blog and an all-round knowledge of everything blogging will definitely help your blog. There is a ton of helpful information out there that you just have to find.

Don’t constrict yourself, set your blog free.

What about you? What types of blogs do you read? Is there anything that I have missed.?
Image - Arvind Balaraman

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