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Web Developers Carnival - March 8, 2010 edition


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2010/03/10 07:53 AM RssIcon

Welcome to the March 8, 2010 edition of web developers.

Jennifer Saksa presents A Webmaster's Love Affair with Fling FTP Software posted at NCH Software Blog, saying, "short blog post on Fling, an easy, and free, ftp client for windows"

Diane Laine presents Top 25 Social Media & Networking Sites for Cops and Crimefighters posted at Justice City, USA, saying, "One way to make police and crimefighting work easier is to use social networking tools. Not only do crime fighters use sites such as FaceBook and Twitter to catch criminals, they use them for camaraderie and families of crimefighters use them for solace and support."

bskinner presents JQuery Contact Form with Facebox posted at Bill


Divinelysmile presents 100 Amazing Scientists You Should Follow on Twitter posted at

Anne Simone presents 100 Best Book Reviewers on Twitter posted at

Ricky. presents Website Maintenance Services posted at Ricky Deez, saying, "Learn how you can use web maintenance services to help grow your website and business."

Ei Sabai presents Weekly round-up: 15 must read development, design and blogging articles posted at Web Development Blog.

William Phelps presents Fujifilm Finepix A220 Digital Camera Review posted at Digital Camera Reviews, saying, "Finding a digital SLR camera or compact camera review can be difficult. At we make it easy by providing trusted digital camera reviews that hit on all the major aspects of a digital camera."

Case Ernsting presents The Ultimate Ecommerce Reference Guide Part 2: Search Engine Friendliness posted at MetaSpring Blog, saying, "Ecommerce is an important part of the online landscape. Small businesses can reach new customers through this concept of web-malls and online stores. Before you launch your store, make sure the search engines can find it."

angelicbaby presents 100 Useful Social Sites for Every Kind of Job Seeker posted at Associate Degree - Facts and Information.

Brian Terry presents Fast Track Guide To 5 Free Website Builders posted at Big Selling Website Design.


Chris Roane presents Form Example with Form Validation using PHP posted at Montana Programmer.

bskinner presents Contact Form Using PHP and JQUERY posted at Bill

bskinner presents Change Your WordPress Meta Widget posted at Bill

Visual Studio

Honeypurple presents 100 Video Sites Every Educator Should Bookmark posted at

Web 2.0

Christopher X. Gerber presents Spheres of the Web | Finding Your Tile posted at Spheres of the Web | Blog, saying, "I build this website from scratch, coding the css, js, php, and as3 by hand. The Spheres (flash - as3) were definitely the most code-and-math-difficult, but as a programmer, the most difficult thing is the promoting!"

Shakira Dawn presents The Clinical iPad? 25 Ways Tablet PCs Are Used in Healthcare posted at online MHA degree, saying, "One of the places where the iPad could really gain traction, though, is in the healthcare industry. The iPhone is already sometimes used by healthcare professionals to aid in their jobs, and tablet PCs are already making their way into hospitals and clinics."

Aaliyah Williams presents Google launches Buzz to take on Twitter and Facebook posted at Breaking News Online, saying, "Internet giant, Google has launched a set of social networking tool, including 'Buzz' to take on top social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook. While only a small number of Gmail account holders will get accessto Google Buzz now, the feature will be available to most within a few days."

healthylivinggal presents Top 50 Blogs on Healthcare Costs & Public Policy posted at online MHA degree, saying, "Whether or not you are involved in the debate over health care reform, it is still an interesting subject. Indeed, with healthcare costs rising, and public policy paying a larger role in how things are likely to operate moving forward, it is a very interesting subject."

Tabitha Mcivers presents 25 Essential Free iPhone Apps to “Kindle-ize” Your iPhone posted at Undergraduate Degree, saying, "Why buy a Kindle or even the iPad when you already own an iPhone or an iPod Touch? With the ability to download over a dozen free ebook readers into your iPhone or iPod Touch, you have the system beat."

Siobhan Shaw presents Facebook Trolling: Yes or No? posted at Siobhan Shaw's Blog, saying, "Sharing my experiences as I increase my knowledge of social media and networking."

Eadwine Walter presents 25 Essential Free iPhone Apps for College Students posted at Online University Rankings, saying, "Now that you’re in college, it’s time to leave the iPhone bubble wrap app and other gimmicky noisemakers behind. If you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you can get ahead of the game with some of the most productive apps around."

Elisha Knackwood presents 25 Essential Free iPhone Apps for Journalists and Bloggers posted at Journalism Degree, saying, "While some of the most useful iPhone apps already come installed — including the Safari Web browser, camera, maps and voice memos — journalists and bloggers often need more apps to be on the cutting edge of any news story."

Anthony Stewart presents Top 50 College Rankings Blogs posted at online university rankings 2010, saying, "If you are looking to learn more about what different colleges have to offer, you can check with these top 50 college rankings blogs that can give you an idea of what is available."

Bonnie Landau presents Are There Trends in Web Design? posted at Simple Web Toolbox, saying, "Web design has evolved with changing technology and change in Internet habits. What are the trends for 2010?"

Suzane Smith presents 70 Awesome Open Source Tools for Graphic Designers posted at Graphic Design Degrees, saying, "With so much demand, graphic designers can get caught up on the supply end. Don’t lose out on an opportunity or job because you aren’t equipped to handle it Use the listed 70 awesome open source tools for graphic designers to get a leg up, expand your resume, and much more."

Leslie Yoelson presents Top 50 Twitter Accounts Every College Student Should Follow posted at Online University Reviews, saying, "You can learn how to find a college, how to live the college life and even find internships and summer jobs through following the right Twitter accounts. This list contains the top 50 Twitters accounts that every college student should follow."

Ava Jones presents 10 Real-Life Robots You Won’t Believe Exist posted at Radiology Technician Schools, saying, "There is some truth to the adage, as many of the robots developed in the past decade have come to represent common themes found in the myriad genres of speculative literature. Those who do not follow advances in robotics may find themselves absolutely stunned at many of the mechanized marvels available today."

Delmy Martin presents 25 Fitness Gadgets that Can Improve Your Health posted at Phlebotomy Technician Programs, saying, "If you are looking for ways to improve your health, boosting your fitness level and improving your eating habits, it is possible to use technology in the process. There are a number of gadgets that can help you create a fitness plan, monitor your progress and even celebrate when you meet your goals."

Eadwine Walter presents Top 50 Education Technology Blogs posted at Best Online Masters Degrees, saying, "Education technology has many supporters in its movement to alter traditional teaching methods. This list of the top 50 education technology blogs includes writers, technicians and social media experts, but they all are teachers."

Hoven Keith presents Top 25 Celebrity Doctors on Twitter Worth Following posted at MSN Degree, saying, "In the our list of the top 25 celebrity doctors on Twitter who are worth following, you may learn that ‘celebrity status’ might be a combination of what that doctor knows as well as how he or she presents that information."

Alisha Harmann presents 7 Free Web Apps to Track Your Medical Health Over Time posted at ADN to BSN, saying, "Access to the internet has simplified and enriched our life. It also motivates us to stay healthy. The myriad tracking tools available online have made health and fitness an interesting and attractive proposition for many of us."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of web developers using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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