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The top 10 list of women tech bloggers to follow.


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2009/08/10 11:30 AM RssIcon

image Yesterday, 9 August was Women's Day in South Africa. I thought that to celebrate this and show my appreciation for all the women in our lives, I will make a list of the top 10 female tech blogs.

Blogging and the world of computer and technology has in the past seemed to be the domain of the geeky male. But that is no longer the case. We are privileged to have the fairer sex show us geeky males a thing or two. Here is a list of the top 10 women bloggers  in technology you should be reading. In no particular order.

1 Xeni Jardin
Boing Boing

A cross between Marilyn Monroe and a pocket-protector geek, Jardin has driven the eclectic blog about everything cool on the Web to 11 million page views a month.

2 Corvida Raven

The 21-year-old communications major employed tools like Twitter to garner the attention of the technorati -- and land a gig at The Industry Standard. Dubbed as the Oprah of the web, blogger and new media strategist specializing in social media, mobile, and web applications and services. She's quickly created a path for herself and has become a role model for other young women to follow!

3 Aliza Sherman
Web Worker Daily

In 1995, Sherman started Webgrrls International, the first woman-owned, full-service Web company. These days, she writes for Web Worker Daily and has three popular blogs of her own.

4 Gina Trapani

She went from writing code to writing one of the highest-trafficked (25 million monthly visitors) technology blogs ever. The go-to online manual for geeks, Lifehacker is now a book, subtitled "88 Tech Tricks to Turbo-charge Your Day."

5 Lorelle vanFossen
Lorelle on Wordpress

Meet Lorelle on Wordpress, queen of wordpress, whose useful tips and tricks on everything Wordpress will help you become a better wordpress blogger.

6 Emily Chang

You just need to keep track of eHub to know what's happening around web 2.0. For years, its continues as an amazing Web 2.0 resource regularly updated with the latest buzz

7 Helena Stone
Chip Chick

Established in 2004, Chip Chick was a pioneer in the blogosphere, becoming amongst the first sites to focus on technology for women. The goal of Chip Chick has always been for women to have a site that helps them keep up with the latest technology trends

8 Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins, and Lisa Stone

BlogHer began as a labor of love in February 2005, when Lisa Stone invited Elisa Camahort Page to launch a conference together for women who blog. Today BlogHer is the leading participatory news, entertainment and information network for women. Not strictly dedicated to technology, but it does have a few good tech blogs.

9 Christina Tynan-Wood
Geek Girlfriends 

A Guide to Technology from the author of How to Be a Geek Goddess. It’s a place for women who like technology but want a hand getting or keeping up to speed.

10 Julie Strietelmeier
The Gadgeteer

Julie Strietelmeier is a self proclaimed gadget freak and she is proud of it. She started The Gadgetter on Geocities' free community pages in 1997. That's before blogging became a household term. The Gadgeteer is one of the most trusted site on the web for product reviews

Now this would not be fun at all if we did not mention the top women tech bloggers in South Africa. After all it is a celebration of Women's day. Here is a short list of top South African woman bloggers in technology of any kind or form.

Melissa Attree

Through My Own Eyes (Update: Chris from imod revealed to me that this was run by a guy. After some further research, I found that this was true. By the way, this  blog is mentioned on a few other places as run by a women. Sorry dude, but you have to be excluded. Bad one on me)

Michelle Clarke

Deshanta’s World

Are you a female blogger in the world of technology? Do you know of a good female tech blog I have missed. Here is your opportunity to list that blog. Leave us a note in the comments below.

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Re: The top 10 list of women tech bloggers to follow.

Hey Robert, this is an excellent top ten list. The only woman I have read before is Gina Trapani on Life Hacker, she is great. Lots of useful advice and her writing style is very easy to read and understand. I found you through Twitter and am now following you, we are @toptentopten. You can cross-post this to our site and link back to your site. We are trying to create a directory for top ten lists where people can find your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

By Vince on  2009/08/11 06:45 PM
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