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Acronyms to use on Gatorpeeps and Twitter


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2009/06/09 10:49 AM RssIcon

If you have been living in a man-hole you might not have noticed the obsessive craze of micro-blogging. Micro-blogging is a form of communicating and networking. Sites like Twitter, and South Africa's Gatorpeeps are examples of micro-blogging sites and services. But space is limited. Her is how to make the best use of that space.

The only snag is, unlike a normal blog which allows you to post large amounts of date, micro-blogging services are generally limited to 140 characters. Similar to SMS or Texting. So with such limited amount of characters to use, you want to get the most out of it. Below is a list of some acronyms that you can use along with their meanings. It is by no means an exhaustive list. Following that is a list of some emoticons.


  • AAMOF - as a matter of fact
  • BBFN - bye bye for now
  • BFN - bye for now
  • BTW - by the way
  • BYKT - but you knew that
  • CMIIW - correct me if I'm wrong
  • FAQ - frequently asked question(s)
  • FWIW - for what it's worth
  • FYI - for your information
  • HTH - hope this helps
  • IAC - in any case
  • IAE - in any event
  • IMO - in my opinion
  • IOW - in other words
  • LOL - lots of luck; laughing out loud
  • MHOTY - my hat's off to you
  • NRN - no reply necessary
  • OIC - oh, I see
  • OTOH - on the other hand
  • ROF - rolling on the floor
  • ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing
  • ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing
  • ROFLMHO - rolling on the floor laughing my head off
  • SITD - still in the dark
  • TIA - thanks in advance
  • TIC - tongue in cheek
  • TTYL - talk to you later
  • TY - thank you
  • TYVM - thank you very much
  • YW - you're welcome
  • - grinning
  • - joking
  • - laughing
  • - yawning


Emoticons Description
Basic Smiley
:-) Smile, happy
:) Smile, happy
;) Wink
;) Wink
;-) Wink
,-) Wink
:-> Sarcastic grin
:-D Laugh
:-p Tongue sticking out
:-)~ Tongue sticking out
:-( Sad, unhappy
:C Very sad, very unhappy
Mood Smiley
-[ Pouting
:o| Bored
;-/ Sceptical
X( Angry, mad, upset
:-/ Undecided
:'-( Crying
Action Smiley
:X Kiss
:-)~~(-: French kiss
[] Hug
:-@ Scream
:-() Shout, yell
>8D Crazed laughter
|-I Sleep, sleeping
:p.. Drooling
Descriptive Smiley
O-) Cyclops
B-) Sunglass, cool, dude
(:-) Bald man
!-| Black-eye
@:-) Man with turban
=:-O Scared, afraid
:o) Big nose
%-) Cross-eyed, freak
<:) Dunce
Item Smiley
@-}-- Flower
<) Slice of pizza
\_/7 Coffee mug
(_)7 Mug
\&&&/ Pretzels
Animal Smiley
=:-< Rabbit
3:-o Cow
:(:)) Pig
>^..^< Cat
U';'U Dog
<^..^> Bat
<:3)~~~ Mouse
><))*> Fish
:]==* Frog catching a fly
@(*o*)@ Koala bear
}i{ Butterfly, moth
~<:^~^~ Snake
People/Profession Smiley
{|:-) Princess / queen
}'-'{ Fairy
+<:-) Nun
+:-) Doctor
P-( Pirate
(:)-) Scuba diver
<@:o) Jester
*<|:o) Clown
c):o) Cowboy, bandit
Other Smiley
o:-) Angel
>_< Ouch!
-_- Sleepy
*_* Hyper
%_% Confused
<(*_*)> Man with big ears
<(_)(_)> Toast, cheers, drink
:-& Tongue twisted

Do you know of any more. Share you Micro-blogging knowledge in the comments below.

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By TrackBack on  2009/06/12 01:01 PM

Re: Acronyms to use on Gatorpeeps and Twitter

This is very cool. Printed and now a hand-held manual :)

By Emil on  2009/06/21 12:59 PM

Re: Acronyms to use on Gatorpeeps and Twitter


Glad it is of use to you. :-)

By Robert Bravery on  2009/06/21 01:03 PM
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