Mini Risk Health Check

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To assess your organisation's risk health complete the return, this will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes provided you have the correct information available.

You are not requested to supply the name of your organisation thereby ensuring complete privacy.

You will receive graphic and written output of your organisation’s possible exposures as indicated in the return.

Problem areas will be identified and highlighted in different colours to reflect the seriousness of the perceived problem.

A Help page is available which will provide explanations on how to use the different sections. Should you need further assistance with the returns, interpretation of the answers or Alternative Risk Management solutions, then please contact any of the following people:

Paul Brightman - ART (Pty) Ltd. &
+27 (0) 83 708 3634 & +27 (0) 11 646 2777
ART is an authorised Financial services provider - FSP16339.

Ray Wise -
R Cube Technologies
+27 (0) 82 653 1275 & +27 (0) 11 447 8354

Results on the MRHC pages reflect the percentage of risk issues addressed

Disclaimer Notice:

The use of ART software and services do not create any liabilities, fines, penalties, indemnification or consequential losses from any source for ART, arising from any interpretation or misinterpretation of the outputs of the software or services by any party.

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